Planting Services

Winner Landscaping Planting Services is dedicated to the design, installation and maintenance of green and blooming plants for indoor environments. Adding indoors plants has an immediate positive impact, making it one of the easiest ways to create a more vibrant atmosphere within your professional, retail or residential property. The benefits are well documented: not only do indoor plants brighten up your interior, but they can help reduce stress, and also remove volatile chemicals from air.

Not just house plants, the interior plants we use include palms and other tropical plants that clean the air, plus indoor trees and indoor plants of interest like dracaena and orchids.

Caring for indoor plants require specific knowledge and regular service. Our services include selection, design and delivery of appropriate potted plants, watering plants, fertilizing, preventing pests like aphids, removing spent blooms and foliage and providing seasonal changes.

We also offer custom displays for special times of the year, from spring and fall arrangements to complete holiday decorations and lighting. If you need plants for a special event, we have a rental program with design, selection, and care tips to ensure success at your event and plant health.

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